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Leak Repairs

We understand how quickly water can damage a building’s structure and interior finishings and cause potential safety hazards for occupants. Our experienced service teams are expert at finding and repairing roof leaks for all kinds of buildings. Our first priority is to stop the flow of water. Once we identify the source of the roof leak, we can temporarily repair it. From there, we can recommend more permanent repairs, restoration or roof replacement as necessary.

Preventive Maintenance

While we’re happy to help our clients locate and solve leaking problems, it’s more cost effective to prevent leaks from occurring in the first place. Our preventive maintenance programs provide for regular roof inspections to identify problem areas before they turn into costly leaks.┬áThis typically involves inspecting key roof system components like perimeter details, drains, projections, HVAC curbs, plumbing vents, heater stacks and skylights. We’ll also look for areas that might have been damaged by foot traffic, other construction trades, UV rays or high winds. We are also called on to clear leaves or snow from roof systems to prevent drain blockage and weight overload on the roof.

Roof Restoration

If your roof is getting older but hasn’t failed, you might be able to extend the life of your existing asset with a roof restoration. A comprehensive inspection of your roofing assets will help us locate any potential problem areas before they lead to leaks and interior building damage. A roof restoration project might include a smaller localized replacement, resurfacing deteriorated areas, or installing new metal cap flashings to improve the appearance of your building and its functionality as a key component of your roof system. Not every roof is a candidate, but a timely roof restoration can defer the cost of replacement for several years.

Roof Modifications

Sometimes our clients need to make a change that will affect their roof system. This might mean installing a new HVAC unit, exhaust fan, conduit feed for telecommunications, or walkway. We ensure that these modifications are made without affecting the integrity of your roof assets. We can install tall cone or gooseneck flashings for gas line or electrical conduits. We also build traffic-bearing walkways of various styles – EPDM, TPO, modified bitumen, concrete pavers, or custom wood. Complement your walkway with an engineered railing system to meet local code or TSSA standards. As part of a building renovation or redesign, we can waterproof new parapet walls or architectural features.

Warranty Maintenance

Many warranties issued by roof system manufacturers require regular inspections and maintenance. This would involve a detailed inspection to detect any signs of premature wear and tear due to weather or traffic on the roof. We will reseal details like drains, cones, and pitch pans as needed, as well as clean drains to ensure they are functioning properly.